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"FART SHIT SKEMP AROUND LIKE A MONKEY FUCKING DINGOS, PISS BANG -SNIFF FUCK SHEEP AROUSAL TRAINING. I am a blond 30 something wife with a 30 something husband. I have recently taught my husband to become aroused by the scent of my farts. It is to the point where he becomes completely excited when I cut the cheese and often asks me to fart in his face when we are intimate. I tease him by eating refried beans in public and then farting. He begs me not to because it turns him on too much and he cannot stand up in public after I fart near him. One of our hottest fantasies was where he wore a latex hood and I ate several bean burritos and farted inside of the latex hood. All he could breathe where my farts. My farts were his oxygen. CAN YOU TELL I AM ALREADY SICK OF THIS DEGRIDATIONAL ONE SIDED DEND END RELATIONSHIP" "

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