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"If you would be excited by opening your email and finding descriptions of the hottest, nastiest, dripping wet deviate sex you can imagine then this is for you! If you have done something exceptionally hot and lusty to someone else recently, or had it done to you, tell me about it! If you wouldn’t mind being included in group emails where your email address is always kept anonymous and hidden, then let me know! Send your dirty erotic experiences to me at Let me know if it’s ok to share them and if you want to receive emails and be included in group mailings! I am not part of a company or business. I am a private individual starting this up just for fun. Your email address will never be shared in any way, but I encourage you to make a new one just for this, just as I have done myself. Send me the first email and I will reply with more details. I want to know what kinds of naaaaasty things you have done or would like to do, or even have done to you!"


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