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"Caught my wife So I got off work and headed home the other night. I walked in the door of our two story house. I went up the stairs very quietly because she is usually sleeping. I heard moaning. I figured she was masturbating. I wanted to spy on her because in the past if I walked in on her she would immediately stop and pull the covers up (as if that would make up for the fact that I had seen her naked with her legs spread and her pumping her pussy with her vibrator). So anyway, I sneaked up to the door and saw her naked with her legs spread and she was getting her pussy licked by a lesbian friend of hers (they have been friends since high school). She had her legs wrapped around her friends head. She had her hands on her friends head grasping her hair and moaning loudly. I didn't want to startle her because she was enjoying herself and I think seeing her immersed in lesbian sex is so hot. So I left and went back to the car and got some food. I came back about an hour later and her friend was gone. She was still naked in the bed. Her hair was slightly sweaty. I asked how her night was and she said it was boring as usual. Now, I am totally ok with what she did. I had asked her in the past if she ever had any thoughts of doing (what I saw her doing) and she always said no."


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