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"once you turn 24 its all down hill from there. maybe its earlier now like 19 or 20 some much competition now. you get thrown on a sexual, job and life scrap heap. my parents went through it and so have I. its life's way of kicking you down. like australia post stealing my mail. soon I am ringing the obudsmen to complain. probably my shithouse cousin is behind that out of vendetta just because he abused me as a kid. you can blame joyce , spongybum user bunnypoopeta bunnpoeta the joke of all jokes, i never wanted others knowing my business. his and joyce and ken's and leigh's threats made me do eratic things out of anxeity and phobic fear of being bashed. that is another reason i won't come into relationships. it usually starts and ends with being bashed by some slut dog or deranged male. nope. won't come into it. I laugh at others in relationships cuz you have to ask yourself. "how did that ugly bitch get him or how did that ugly bastard get her" and usually its violence that got them there just like in jobs too. politics all based on violence and threats not popularity. wake up world you sure need to be educated by me to be enlighten! "

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