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"look at me ? who would want to go out with me at 46 with no children never been married and so fat and ugly? right. all my ear and health problems and you know what hurt me the most I couldn't even get to thank the nicer ambulance officers that took me to hospital in tears struggling to walk and it felt like I had a helment on my head from the histimines how the effected the membrane around the brain and all the sudifed, I can't believe GP's or doctor in australia would put me in hospital I begged them to but they wouldn't. I got sick of trying to medicate and monitor medications myself and too much sudifed is dangerous and anti-inflammatory. all I wanted was for someone to hold me so I could just cry. they had heart monitors on me every time I went to hospital. now I know why! one day I will tell someone the whole story and they will see how evil and unfair it is and how none of it made sense to a reasonable person. its taught me to never really trust anyone ever again. if joyce and rick and katy and ken wasn't enough abuse and lessons, doctors abusing me has and these neighbors abusing me. butting in on my childhood and illnesses and assaults I have suffered. when you hear the full story it will shock the hell out of anyone."

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