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"my parents and doctors are angry that I have been left in poverty without any friends or man and I deserve to be treated better. Its not fair and I have asked several times for people to stop bullying and abusing me and I mean it. soon I will get my doctors and a lawyer to write a letter to rsl and churches who have abused me, and make them search down this bunnypoeta and leigh morris, and ken who made threats at me. leigh made threats at me i had to go to that stupid cocktail party that was not even a party at all. no one spoke no one was dancing no one ate but for a few trays of snacks, there was no music and party atmosphere going on up alcohol. you could have seen a better party at our dive house years ago then that party. when you say cocktail party one has expectations of music, entertainment, quality foods and mix of non-alcoholic and so on drinks and music and dancing and people forced to talk to one another all over the place, you expect a certain atmosphere and standard like proper entertainment like a soul or r&b singer and sociability with people and some proper fundraising at the event like raffles and games etc. there games were unreal abnormal. I was so poor I just wore a black dress pants and I knew I would cold so I had to wear a jumper and my doctor didn't want me to go to the party because of the medication and leigh threated me if I didn't go she would push me out of the quest. I didn't want to go. I was too unwell to go, and it was no fun anyway. it was the most boring dull party ever, my cats know how to party more then they do. one of my doctors has made a lot of comments about how bullied me and my sister have been. a handful of my doctors are very angry over it and so are my parents. at least rose has been married twice and had a child. I haven't even been married once and have no child and no career, no graduation I should have been entitled to all that if everyone else is. stop bullying me or you will get it cunthole DB HANDBY! I owe you nothing. infact you owe me. everyone owes me, not me owing them. I am trying to make good of a bad situation but you didn't need to make it worse assshole DB. fuck off cunt. you fuck off bastard. stop abusing me! Joyce threated me, ken threatened me, rick threathened me. I don't have to take you abusing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my doctors can't fight a case in law against you all you know, on my behave. any of my doctors or family or friends or co-workers, or therapists can fight you in a court on my behalf for the last 20 years or more of abuse. so stop abusing me."

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