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"handby is a bastard! the guy is evil. he has wronged me. fuck off and stop abusing me dickhead. and same with ken and joyce, katy rick, bec and sue and my brother and his wife all been picking on me for over 25 or more years. you stop it or else. my doctors and my parents are getting hateful and angery at all of you. my father doesn't have to tolerate his daughter being abused by you. my mother said she didn't bring me into the world to be a nigar or chinks slave to help their cunt action and steal everything from me and I am far from selfish. stop abusing me. I want to know why I have not been allowed a job for years and years. never had a a full time job, never had a proper date and all these stupid old farts getting in my way! old bitches stealing young guys from me and old men trying to wreck my cunt when they should be at home minding their own business with their wives and not out stealing raping virgins. I want a catholic nuns order named after me! I am sick of this. yesterday I was asked to tell something about me no one knows. I am celebate I have been living like a nun and I am not a nun. I have been denied rights of a job and attention from men. I should have had everything I wanted by now. I think everyone is so selfish but me. stop abusing me. you been abusing me now for over 30 years when are you going to be stopped? because I will get someone to harm you. I will call police again. I will go to a lawyer again. stop stalking me. stop abusing me. stop following me everywhere I go spying and trying to ruining everything I do or want to do. stop it or I will get my doctor to call the police and talk to a judge over you all. your a gang of stalkers for the last 30-40 years dating back from 1970s and I am sick of your getting in my face and getting in my way and not learning to fuck off and get out already."

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