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"Wiffy tells a fantasy So the wiffy and I were watching the show Marco Polo on Netflix. It was an episode where in it the vice regent got pegged by his lover. I first saw her nak*d and was like aw yeah. Then she got behind him and I said oh s***. My wife said, "You should let me do that." I chuckled and said, "Yeah right." She said, "You wouldn't let me?" I said, "You being serious?" She said, "Yeah. Why not? I have a strapehon." She is/was bisexual before we got together. To my knowledge she hasn't done anything since we got together but even if she did, I wouldn't mind. So I made a deal I didn't think she would agree to. I said, "I'll let you do me if I can do you afterwards." She said, "Ok deal. You first or me?" I said, "I do you first." She let me f*** her in her ass last night and I'm about to get off work and she said she would be waiting for me tonight."

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