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"i just want to warn some people how deviant lawyers and professionals can be who are rich and successful. I went to a job interview naive fresh out of college law school and this guy comes out while police were dusting for finger prints and he said that morning he had sacked his legal partner assistant for fraud, and I was applying for a job there just as a receptionist and I felt bad straight away like this was not a good place to work. he was fat tall and bearded loud and overbearing and was dressed in a slopping huge jet black suit and was actually mastubating in front of me behind the desk while he interviewed me. I couldn't wait to get out and I did not even want the job after that and rang my mum at the bus stop and what was strange i noticed he had all these huge books on the German ss and third Reich and the guy just sickened me, that is not the way a lawyer should act. the worst thing was after that I stopped wearing pretty dresses. I had worn a pretty shift dress that I felt really confident and great in, it was my complete "go to dress" for a boast of confidence and after that I stopped wearing attractive things, then a neighbor grabbed my knee one day and came over and was groping at me and i didn't like it at all with his bear breath and he was hitting 70-80 and said he would leave his wife for someone like me, which to me was a insult. I lost frank out of his confusion and lack of genuine response and his flightiness cus he was going out with so many girls i was not keen to jump in and i was always having aid hiv tests as well so I didn't want to do anything without being careful. but don't think just cuz someone has been a lawyer or professional their some god and great person. they take many casualities down to get to success and are capable of child abuse, sexual harrasment etc, one guy was sexually harrasing me at another job and they were crazy people. rich as real estate people, the type that attract fakers and assholes. these rich sales guys who are old and boring, I just up and walked out and resigned and called him a old man old enough to be my grandfather to get the message across how rude he was sexually and verbal insults about my studying chemistry and physics and making fun as if I was stupid and small minded, professions are not any ball game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they like to think everyone else is so dumb, I grew up believing i was dumb, I knew I was shy which was a huge set back and i had way too much pride to show embarrassment or cry in front of people and more fear then most kids. I had to put up with this old epileptic drunk urine saturated old man molesting me and pretend everything was happy happy happy and by god it was not at all. I was a angry child sometimes. I was never the cool kids but wanted to be. don't think any one in law or rich professions is gonna be mr nice cuz even doctors i worked for could be complete shitheads and highly promiscuous compared to my mild kinks. "

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