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"I like her, I have liked her for a long time. We were together for a while but I was the first girl and she was scared. I get that, I respect that. I can understand. I try to move past and months later I go out with a different girl. We click but she is super hung up on her ex and needs to deal with it. Talks of going on dates with lots of girls to just figure it out. Now I see that girl 1 and girl 2 have become friends...I was about to give a guy I was with for the first time a B/J. As I am bending over to take him into my mouth I sW he had red lip stick on it and in his pubic hair. Gross--I screamed at him to take a fucking shower and I left the room and the party. that girl 2 is going to take her out.I've gotten myself so far in debt that I just cannot breathe. There's no way out of it. Nobody knows, I feel so alone and like the world is crashing down on me. I can't sleep. I'm terrified every second of every day that my husband will find out. My marriage of 25 years is already rocky, at best- this will end it. I'll be starting over with nothing at 43 years old. I just want to go to sleep forever... All I want to do is say something. I dont want her hurt. But it seems woman scorned and self-serving to do so. Do I say nothing and hope she figures it out? Do I say something and look like an idiot? the girls assistant basketball coach used to be a student at my school and she was a senior when i was a freshman. we werent really friends then but we've started texting alot and talking on the bus on the way to games. shes 19 and im 17. and if the school found out she would be in trouble. what should i do?Today, I fell asleep in history class. I was dreaming about my history teacher. When I woke up everyone stared at me rather weirdly and the teacher wasn't there. Turns out I was moaning my history teachers name through my sleep."


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