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"I was like lucy leek, clean clean clean the house, using old toothbrushes to clean the carpet edging and vacum and mop 5 times a day on one floor from the age of 7 til 35 I even gave up going to parties and meeting up with friends just to clean and clean and clean and wash and wash and wash and mop and vacum and dust and clean and clean and clean. I even got a job cleaning I loved it so much, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens and making beds for hours a day. and my sister sure helped me with my ocd of cleaning... fucking mongrel bitch. she had the hide to call one of those pop stars mr messy which is herself. she sure cured me of a ocd cleaning disorder with all her mess and grott and running around around around after her when she was in hospital . wish someone would run around and around after me since i was in hospital."

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