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"Want to be parent? Don't Do It! Parenthood is a trap!! A trap placed into a pretty box and wrapped with an even prettier bow. Even on good days, those days when you're reminded of the love you have for your child, it still feels like a trap. Like having a good paying job but never having the time to travel. Except you're not paid, and the bad often outweighs the good. Save yourselves! No one told me what it would be like. What it would REALLY feel like, to be a parent. The world likes to fill people's heads with the fabrication of a fairy tale life after someone becomes a parent. But no one has the b**** to say it stinks. Like a punishment. Think back to a job you had that you absolutely hated. Now imagine you were never allowed to leave that job. Never. Ever. I can be as humorous or as heavy about this as possible. But it will always be the truth. I have a few years left of being the hands-on parent (child is nearly 18). After that... life. Living. Hysterectomy. I knew it was a trap from day one. But I've made it this far. Though with a few close call mental breakdowns in between. Heed my warning. Really think about it. Lay down the fuzzy feel you get when you're around kids, or the pressure you're getting from family and friends and really, really think about it. All the best to you."

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