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"I separated two love birdz Hey dis s jasmine pais 2day m goin 2 confez ma mistake..every guy must read dis..& want 2 ask apologize n two hert whm I hurted.I waz lovd a guy since 5 yr, we wz too much cloz each oder..his name s rexton..1day he left me I waz broken...after I gt he s fall 4 oder grl named RR Menezes ,som1 told she s f puttur.I want 2 take revenge on dat gil...want 2 spoil her life...she iz studying n ....she waz luv in boy f hiz name s P Dsouza..dat day I decide 2 break deir luv.I stole dat gl psswrd all & strt 2 txt her bf as very badly as h gt dat boy nt left her ...after sometime I gt dat boy password in hr a/c...start 2 txt her badly n hs name...i wz obsrvng dem evry mv..dey r nt knew abut it...made dem as fight...hurted dem....after dey gt seperate...deir luv broked....I waz very happy 4 took revange...bult real truth after I got dat my bf not left bcz of dat girl...dat waz another girl f manglore....datwaz ma misunderstanding.. I simply seperate two luvin couples...dey r luvng lt I put msundrstng n dm..dey stil dont knw what they texted 2 each oder itz nt by only did it...bcz f misunderstanding...4 my mistake I lost ma family n a aczident...4 hurt two loving couplez I got punishment...I just wnt 2 tel in al guyz..don hurt any1...don take revenge..i knw no frgvnss ma mstke..srry guyz...if u did it gt my condition..."

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