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"Bad afternoon Isn't really a confession, i basically just had a bad afternoon. i was riding the bus to go a dental appointment earlier today. halfway through the ride a few old women stepped onto the bus and tried to find seats. during that time i was busy looking for where i was suppose to get off at because i hadn't been to that area before (which was really sketchy, btw). while being distracted someone tapped me and i tried to move over (assuming it was an older person). suddenly i heard a girl say on her phone "she's so ignorant". i guess i didn't move over enough because my mom had said people were staring at me. (the bus was kind of crowded as well). a few seconds later i got up to ask the bus driver if we were near the address. meanwhile in the corner of my eye i saw a girl rush to sit in my spot next to my mom. i approached my seat and the girl stared at me as if i did something absolutely horrendous."i was sitting there." i sternly mentioned."i don't care. !!" she replied. then she said something about how she would "beat me the f*** up" and something rude in regards to the seat which i tuned out by laughing with my mom and ignored her. that seemed to aggravate her more. then she said "that's not all of your hair. !!", something obscene about my braces to me and "you should get your hair cut like mine. !!!" in a aggressive tone to my mom. we both continued to ignore her and hurried to get off the bus. when we got off the girl followed and rushed over to a car waiting for her across the street."there she is, the young looking one wearing the plaid shirt!" she pointed out to me. i immediately felt threatened and went into a phone store with my mom. the girl followed and went to the counter moments later and began running her mouth again, saying things like : "i'm gonna whoop your ass.", "you can call someone, i don't care." (by the time i had called the police and she overheard my mother mentioning that we called someone.) i looked outside and the car from which she left was still there and someone was staring at me from it. the girl continued to threaten us and say disrespectful things about my mom while she stood at the counter. when she left the woman who worked behind the counter claimed that the woman never paid for anything, although she had an account with the phone company. as we waited for the police the girl hovered back and forth by the door, pretending to busy and disappeared when an officer pulled up."


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