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"Is wife cheating???? I've been with my wife for 5 years and for the good part of it I have been unhappy. I was about end it within the first year when she told me she was pregnant. We have a son who is my whole world. He is very close to me and I could not bare not seeing him everyday. I know if we split my wife would make it as difficult as possible to see him and cripple me financially. So those are the reasons I stay with her. She is very beautiful so gets a lot of attention from men. A few years ago she received a valentines card. That night I found her talking on facebook with numerous men trying to find out who had sent it. One was an ex who is was telling she still loved, another she was virtually asking to have an affair with. She played it all down and made out I was being paranoid. Since I have found calls to ex boyfriends, flirty messages to other guys, late nights with terrible excuses. The latest one though is she went to a BBQ one lunchtime and came back the next day. On her facebook was a picture of a guys penis and she had a graze on her forearm that looked like a friction burn to me. She always says I'm overreacting, am I? Today I found contraceptive pills in her dressing gown pocket, I've been sterilised for 3 years. Is it all in my mind or am I right in thinking shes playing away? "

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