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"How Dreams are Stolen Dream sabotage is often subtle, it comes in the form of "Are you sure you want to do that?" Someone close to me stole my dream of going to a writer's retreat. I asked this person if she could watch my kids while I went to a writer's retreat. She said, "Oh that would be a nice time away for you and John." I said, "No I'm going alone." She said, "Oh, you're leaving your husband and going away for a week. I've never spent time away from my husband." Without saying it she made me feel as if I was selfish for wanting to spend time working on my craft. I understood that I was being told that my writing -and therefore my creativity-wasn't as important as family commitments. Although she didn't tell me I couldn't go I began to have second thoughts and wouldn't you know it, I still haven't made it to the retreat. Some dream stealers aren't so subtle; they come right out and tell you that you have no talent and that you'll never make it. And of course, they're telling you this because they have your best interests at heart and don't want you to end up broken hearted. Beating the Thieves Although they'd deny it to their last dying breath, dream stealers really don't know what's best for you and the sooner that you acknowledge that, the quicker you'll be on the path to reaching your dreams. "


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