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"we have been together for nearly three years. he is handsome, kind, loyal... but he also a complex that he has a small willy. i don't know if it is big or small, i have only had 3 boyfriends in my life (including him), but i really don't don't care about the size... because he is so convinced that he has small willy, he uses only his finger to have sex. i mean, seriously! he finds every reason not to remain naked for long, in fact will remove clothes only if lights are off, and insists on always using his middle finger to get me off. and when i do demand for intercourse, he does it more out of obligation than passion, which really pisses me off. i really really hate this! i had not had an orgasm in god knows how long, but i had to fake every single time because i hate that finger probing inside me forever, waiting for me to come... so i just fake it, just so that he will remove his finger and spoon me or something... but he is really a good man and apart from this one issue i don't have any complaints at all... really really wish some one tells him that women do NOT enjoy finger sex, for the love of god! "


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