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"It's just... not enough... I fooled around with this guy the other night. He invited me over to "watch a movie" and pounced me right away. It started out poorly... he was only kissing half of my mouth... he tasted like an ashtray as well... I was too embarrassed to stop him... even though he was throwing me all over the bed as if I was some dirty sheets he was trying to air out. Then we started getting undressed and I started thinking... okay this HAS to be better. And then... I see it... It's no bigger than my pinky... with like a lump of skin not even b**** attached. I had to stop myself from asking "Where is the rest of it!" Lets just say from there on out... it's bad... really bad... I feel bad because he's already talking about the future and what comes next... and I'm just ready to run... There isn't anything worth saving there either. Nothing really spectacular to save as far as a relationship... yet I feel guilty... He was just so cocky... How can he not know it's too small?! I have to say something... right?"


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