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"my older sister rose molested me for years as a child and I am a girl. other kids molested me other then her. I am so over it. what more do you want me to say? I aint gay but sometimes I do think she wants me to lust after her because she gets so jealous if I have a nice guy. she only treats me nice when she is with her guy and i am alone or she pushes her idiots on me that she doesn't like. a bit too much rosemary getting all she wants bullying her family and a snobby spoilt over indulged mind and heart absent brother who doesn't want to know his parents and family cuz he is chasing other peoples money. I am the only moral one really. I am the celibate one with morals are friends more then people. well, that is what happens when you do so much study and therapy. I am a self made human! that is all that matters to me. I have had no help to do anything and no man to help me. no friend to advance me other than a what I pay for in a few cheaper holidays and dining. Its really hard being moral and christain. morals make you lonely! cuz no one lives up to what you want or expect. but at least my pets are pretty boys and pretty girls. I am a cold person no one ever really gets close to me but my pets. "


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