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"I am cheating on my wife. I am 49, she is 6 months younger than I am, we have been married for 20+ years. The first 10 or 12 years were good. We had sex 3-4 times a week and usually more than once at each sitting. Then she started going through menopause early at about 32 years old. Sex fell off to about once a month if I pester her enough. I started looking online for at dating sights and CL. Real relief came from a co-worker. I would have lunch with her once in a while, she wasn't happy with sex at home, I wasn't happy. We get together once a week for an extended lunch or tell our respective spouses we have to work a little late and spend a few hours at our hiding place and have wonderful sex. I don't feel guilty, I am just getting my needs taken care of by someone who wants to be intimate. I wish the situation were different because I love my wife but she doesn't appear to be interested in my needs."

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