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"we are 4 couples more than friends Its almost 2 years since my boyfriend and I have gotten into a mate swapping agreement with three other couples, 2 of those couples are married. It takes place once a month but in summer we usually get together twice a month in June, July and August. I switch with the 3 guys each time and my boyfriend switches with the 3 girls. Right from the start i was eager to try this but do admit the first go-round with the 3 guys was somewhat awkward and humiliaring in ways, Don, Micky and James are the 3 guys I take turns having sex with and now that I know them well enjoy it more. When we have these so called get togethers we book 4 rooms at a hotel and always go to dinner first. I simply go to the room of the guy whos turn it is and same with my boyfriend with the girls, Once there we spend the entire night with them and meet for breakfast the next morning, The only rule we have is not to talk to each other about the sex we had with any particular mate. My boyfriend and I talk about it between us and I doubt he tells me everything simply because I don't tell him everything. Each one of the guys is different in how they like the sex. When I have James for the entire night I barely get any sleep. I suspect he takes a enhancement drug or something because he is so able to keep an erection for a long time. He is also the only one who has anal sex with me. We do have oral sex in the beginning but James is usually content with intercouse and anal sex. Don is the one who likes oral sex the most and I think likes doing it to me which he'll do a few times during the night and has done it to me many times after I fell asleep. I don't ever complain about it because it does feel good even when I'm tired. Don is also the one who pays the most attention to my boobs. Don is the only one who shaves his pubic hair and when I blow him he always wants me to play with and lick his scrotum which I gladly do for him since there is no hair on his scrotum either. Micky is the youngest guy and he likes anything. What I notice with him is that he likes doggy style position when we screw and for some reason he likes to have me in crazy positions for oral sex also. The first few times I had sex with him were a little embarrassing just by the way he would display me. It don't bother me anymore since it occurred to me he positions me naked to look at me and this I know now turns him on. He also has a larger penis than the other 2 guys and is more aggressive. I don't have a favorite guy but Donny gives me the best oral sex I have ever had. His tongue never stops and he makes me orgasm more than the other guys even my boyfriend. My boyfriend admits his favorite is Joann who is the youngest girl and Micky's girlfriend. I tell my boyfriend a lot of stuff I do with these other guys but not all of it. He tells me a lot but many times I just tell him I don't want to hear it and don't care, swingers jing forever!"


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