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" i dont want to loveyou anymore You are never going to stop hurting me and you dont even mean to. all you are interested in is sex and i dont think it is even sex with me, why would you want to, you used to tell me i was beautiful, but i that what you really thought? is it possible you would ever want to be more than friends?. you give out mixed signals, when we are drunk even asking me to pretend to be your girlfriend for no apparent reason..when you said kiss me i didnt know how to take it, so a quick kiss on the lips was all i offered. did you want more because i know i did,l i just wish i knew what you really thought. it is so hard to tell if you are joking or if your advances are truly how you feel. when you are stoned and we were in the car in the back, you put your arm around me, was i meant to lean in, it is so hard to tell how you are really feeling! please just make it clear"

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