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"Step Daughter I met her mother at work. we were just friends at first she told me she had 3 kids 2 girls and a boy. I wasn't to thrilled to hear that because I had already raised my kids and didn't care to raise more. But then she to me home and introduced me to her kids and didn't want any part of it. However the more I hung around the closer I got with her and her children especially the youngest girl. She was a rough looking tomboy type but she was kind to me. I guess I fell in love with their mother and we eventuailly got married. Soon after the wedding she flip flopped on me and became mean and evil. I could not believe how she had changed. My wife enrolled in school and worked full time and never was home. During this time my step daughter and I talked alot and just became very close. She got to where she would never leave my side. She followed me everywhere. I loved her like she was my own. She has become a beautiful teenager now. Very very shapely to say the least. She is a far cry from the little tom boy I helped raise. She started walking around the house with only a towel on after taking a shower. She really makes me feel aroused. I try and keep myself from thinking like this but she is just too much. She loves to wrestle me so she can spread her legs and press her clit on my back or any where she can get pressure. I realized what she was doing and stopped wrestling around with her. I think I miss the attention from her because I think I a falling in love with my step daughter. How could I let this happen. I can't get her out of my head. I don't want to be in love with her but I am. I guess it's easy when my wife pays no attention to me. No sex, no hug, no nothing. But my step daughter, she hugs me everyday and I feel so much love coming from her. She trust me with her every secret and I trust her also. She is my friend when I am lonely. I know nothing will ever come of this because I am quite older than she plus I am married to her mother, whom she can't bare to be around when I'm not home. I know she told me so. I need help getting her out of my mind. I love her more than I have ever loved anyone and I'm scared. I am not attracted to 14 year old girls at all. It's just her. I can't imagine feeling this way about anybody else. Please somebody help me get over her."


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