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"My best mates partner, Tracey the gym instructor, who is so easy on the eye it's not funny, came to my place last month in tears, she had caught my best mate cheating on her.. She didn't know what to do, we talked & slowly drank wine, till the sun came up, we had so much in common, through conversation I let her know when we were kids he was the same, he'd thought he'd gotten away with sleeping with my girlfriend undetected,,, a wicked smile flashed onto her face, eyes locking on my body she openly admitted to me as she put her mouth on my ear sucking it softly and whispering that she had always enjoyed perving at me, & offen dreamed of me pounding her instead of him, many times in her mind, since she had known me. I laughed outloud & without thinking I replied " so u should think of me, I'm twice as big & 5 times the stamina".... I used to date one of friends & was sure they had swapped info on their men....then I stood up, telling her she knew what she had to do-- the silly bitch got on her knees & went to give me a blow job.... I put my hand under her chin, lifting her back to her feet, gently smiling & said, go & sort yourself out & deal with your relationship..........& your your more than welcome to move in to - if u choose to leave & have nowhere for tonight & beyond "

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