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"I will begin by explaining the concept of what a tulpa is. A tulpa is sort of like an imaginary friend. Only you can see it, feel it, or hear it. Only difference is that it has its own conscience. It is more life like. Now let me tell you about Anna. She was my tulpa. I grew so attached to her that I had to get rid of her. I began to love her so much I was being pulled into a world of fantasy. Everyday seemed fake. I had to get out. I got rid of Anna but I still love her. I am trying everything now to bring her back. Not as a tulpa anymore, that isn't enough. I need her back as flesh and blood. I am dabbling in metaphysics, psionics, magicks, praying, wishing on every star. I know this will work. I can't lose hope. I just need some help from you guys. Please help me out. It would mean so much to me. Please, leave a comment. Let me know you are there for me. Give me hope. That's all I can ask for in this situation."


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