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"My boyfriend and I are pretty much in an amazing relationship. 5 years strong, but not married yet. Marriage isn't the top of my priorities...but... I just dont know why he wont even propose to me yet... all our friends are married, on their way to having families and moving on to bigger and better things... why can't we? He totally has the money to be engaged to me.. and he knows i want a destination wedding, so it will be cheaper than a traditional wedding.. but... still no big question asked to me... I just feel so sad when people asked why i'm not married to him yet. My only reply is I dont know... He does love me, he is committed (we have a house, car, insurance, phone, a dog and cat all together) and it's not like i ever want kids. I hate kids, and that should be a huge plus for him. I don't know why.. maybe he's getting bored of me...."


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