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"Mother in laws dirty underwear It started when I was doing laundry home, but the dryer wasn't working properly. I called my wife at work and told her the problem. She texted back stating to pack the clothes, and when you come pick me up you can finish at my mothers place. I said okay, proceeded to pack the wet clothes. Time rolls around to pick up my wife so my daughter, me , and clothes head out. We arrived at my mother in laws place, and I took the clothes downstairs. I was sorting out the clothes to dry and was and someone opens the door and comes downstairs. I seen pale thicker legs and automatically knew it was my mother in law. She came downstairs to help. I threw a load in to dry and she said I have dryer sheets if you need any. I said okay I have some though. She went back up the steps and I turned on the dryer and went back up. We were all sitting in the kitchen. Me on my phone doing nothing and my wife and her mother feeding the baby. Mother in law goes downstairs to grab some water up and comes back like 5 minutes later. 30 mins later I go down to check if things were dry, and I noticed that my other laundry hamper was moved closer to another hamper. I checked the clothes and they were dry I started to fold them. After folding I went over to grab the other clothes and noticed it was my mother in laws dirty underwear. It had to be at least a weeks worth of undies in there as well as a towel and two bras. Tempted to look through I was scared. The door opened up then shut. I said no at first then started to throw the clothes in. I turned around and went for it. I sniffed one by one, and omg my mother in law is like aged wine. Her scent was sweet musky and a p*** smell. I quickly got hard. There was a fresh pair because it was damp and smelled like when my wife takes hers off to shower. I smelled them and right then I knew I wanted to wack off now, and these bad boys were coming home to papa. I stuffed them into a sock and went back up. My mother in law was looked at differently now. I want her so bad. 1 1/2 hour later clothes are done and we head home. All I could think about was sacking off to her underwear. The next day I take my wife to work and get to business when I come home. That scent of that woman made me climax in minutes. I secretly want to bang my wife's mother. I have a secret crush on her since day one. I've been trying but not to much to make a move on her. I catch her looking at my sometimes and then some days she will distance herself from me. She doesn't have my phone number saved into her phone under my name. Just my number, and I found that out when she said is your ( not my number) 345-665-2312 I said no she said oh. Then idk who called me on that number. Why does she not have my number saved? Anyway I still have her purple scented undies and I'm not giving them up. I know she will see that there missing, and wonder where they went. I'm going to fill them with my juices and give them back."


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