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"I have another confession I have been having an affair with my pastor he gives me loads of money and the s** is great we are both married but I am him secretary no one suspects anything I think mainly because of our age difference he’s in his late 40’s and I’m in my 20’s any way last week he had an out of town guest to come in for a program we all met up for dinner and later that night he called me and asked if he could bring him to meet with us at our special place a hotel we go to just over city limits he said that he would double what usually give’s me which meant 2000.00 instead of 1 so I was like ok he can watch they were already in the room when I got there having drinks I walked in and gave him a kiss and gave the other pastor a hug my guy started to lick my neck and fondle between my legs the other guy just set there and watched then as he helped me pull my sundress over my head I caught a glimpse of the other guy stroking his member threw his pants he laid me down on the bed and did what he does best he split me apart with his finger and entered me with his tongue while he was down low ole boy walked over to the bed wit his d*** out and placed it on my lips I don’t know what came over me but I opened my mouth and took all of him in at that time my original lover came up and stuck his d*** inside of me for the rest of the night I sucked got sucked and f***** in every position by the time I left the room I was 25 hundred dollars richer and very happy am I a s** addict or just addicted to money?"

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