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"OK - I have been working out one with a few friends - one of those videos that are stripper/ excercise type videos. Well - last weekend - My friend Julia - asked me to dance with her for her friend - Mikes 21st - Birthday. Julia and I both have boyfriends....and they were both at Mikes party - We did a little show, and than both did up close lap dances for mike....We both got down to this pink thong and matching lacy bra. I could feel Mikes Excitement. Mike had asked me out in the past - and I know he has had a crush on me. This was a strip - TEASE - and I felt empowered - the other guys in the room liked it also - and my guy was just as turned on. No harm no fowl? Just a little fun. Well - Mike has a girl friend....and she did not like it. She showed up at the party latter...and was mad....but who cares. Nobody really likes her."


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