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"ken carey is a killer! blue and yellow cancer wish on victims has been noted. he has victims everywhere while his wife anne raped young males. do not trust this dirty couple who are old ugly and can't turn a tap on let alone a person. they rape and attack victims everywhere. they are into satanic occult evil dirty ways. anne have some balls and own up to your faults and what you did wrong and how you wronged all the women your husband raped and attacked. there are more I have met them. own up anne and ken. your bad news. no way you can get away from what you are and do! your crazy and sick and demonic. your dirty and you are violent and no one wants to know you here. this couple work as a pair abusing victims he told me he has raped heaps of other women and she is in on it. she knows and she helps him. own up. face your guilt! "

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