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"Last weekend my chesty, young sister in law was passed out on our fouton and i woke up in the middle of the night, I went to the living room and unbuttoned her top, Played with her b**** and rubbed my p**** on her face and b**** then laid a hand towel on her stomach and jerked off on it while playing with her b****. She has no it normal to cut when you are really angry. I couldn't give it a chance but my gf would come home saying she'd ask about me now my gf beggs we go see her idk what to do I have so much resentment that it's just aggravating to me to feel this way when she's family regardless of any situation I and new friend dont want to tell anyone because they will say im doing it for attention.Some friends just returned from a few months away and I want so bad to swap with them. but i want to stop because i am so disapointed in myself after the hairy armpits and hairy legs. It is liberating to be "natural" and you wouldn't believe how many times guys hit on me when they see my hairy pits. So the reason I got divorced was, my family on my mothers side are a bunch of wankers they wouldn't spend a moment to help my mum out yet they crack the bog when she can't help them, they visit a local town near us won't even say hi. My brothers wife is a complete idiot and puts my mum down on making a choice between her family and the grand kids, my mum can't win either way. My dad's an old fart who hates everything and sadly I'm slowly becoming him. "


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