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"I feel very unappreciated in life. I think boys fear me because I'm different ( I'm smart and I feel I give off a vibe like don't talk to me). That is just me being nervous. I'm doing my best in school and my mother finds faults in everything that I do. I'm not suicidal ...but it will nice if i can be the person I dream of being. I'm not a bad person at all , I like to help me but I have little friends because all my life I never was care free I always acted mature for my age. My mother and sister have a great figure and even though my is not bad it's not as great as theirs. I have a pretty face and all but .....something is missing. I have no love life at all. I am waiting for things to get better but ...when. My mother is a great mother and I have a great family but I am a 21 year old virgin with no man and unhappy with who I am. I am trying to change it but the jokes and talk about me puts me back on my little butt. I feel guilty asking God for vain things...but I no he can change it."


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