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"I want to kill stepdad My stepdad has moved into my house two years ago and ever since then I have never been happy. My friends even noticed how unhappy I am with his unwanted presence. First of all he's a total d*** to my mom by yelling at her when ever she didn't "scolds" me the right way. And this one time I was washing my face like any person would do after getting mud on it, he screams at her tell me to turn off the water . He makes my mom yell at me for the stupidest s*** like being 2 small f****** minutes late for School ( witch I wasn't school starts at 8 30 on Mondays . And I might add I was putting on my f****** bra and he runs his short ass in my room and took my f****** phone out of my bag and squid your grounded. He also has v***** lips like straight up v***** lips . The look like a mast herpes covered v***** and when he eats OMFG dont get me started about his eating . He mones so at the f****** dinner table I watch food go in to his face v***** and hear moaning. Its like im watching a p**** omg I want him gone !!!!"


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