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"I don't like the police here anymore. we were bought up not to trust the police here in queensland with the fitzgerald enquiry and I attended a few court cases with those enquiries. but after one police officer said to me "I don't care about your vagina" that was offensive to me because I had had surgery there and diagnosed with a auto immune disorder and I was raped and abused. I don't like the police officers here. they are awful disrespectful. the women ones a rude and the men are weird in the police force. they are all weirdos. probably all up to corruption again. I don't trust them at all. they are part of the problem. I don't respect them anymore like I don't respect doctors anymore or royals or celebrities and I think I am better and know more about some things they do. half of them have no idea of what they are doing. I just don't rescpect churches and people the same way I used to as well. I don't respect people in general after being bullied off facebook and other places and hackers stealing purchases and things on me. I don't have respect for people, politicians or anyone really but I am over 40 its about time I had a ego and thought up myself and see faults in others more then in myself. I don't like australians at all. I want to get out of this thilthy dirty country of shit. they are all shit people. there is no way to get ahead here that is why I want to leave australia and never come back."

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