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"the ghost that won't Posted Jan 25, 2018 by anonymous | let me be pretty or go and party is taunting and threatening me again. yeh. It sounds nuts but its true. Someone make it stop, I have experienced this stuff and I know some people don't believe in it at all. But I have felt things and experienced events or things people say that lead me to believe they are demon possessed. someone recently said something to me that made me think "how did you know that?" there is no way she could know that. I need to check other explanations first but its made me consider this field of life more.ghosts and paranormal i got the spooks last night in my dreams, I was opening my eyes and I thought I could see and feel shadow man figure in my bedroom and this must of happened about 3 or 4 times and it was a struggle to keep my eyes open I was so tired from medication. later on I woke up and my computer screen was black but it was not off so I turned it off. still I woke up later and felt the ghosty shadow person there but decided to lay on my back to get a better view of it. fell asleep again. then later I woke up and my bedside lamp was on. I have no idea how it got on if I turned it on during my sleep I have no memory of it. but when I woke in a panic realising it was on I started to question did I see someone really or not, could they have turned a lamp on, could a ghost turn it on? I turned it off and layed down again and i got off to sleep. but what a strange night. it felt like something some strange presence had been in the room running out when ever I woke up, it was menacing and wicked. it was playing games.once again woke up to believing a being alive or ghost was in the hallway and this was seriously disturbing and seems to happen more when I have seen relative whose husband died a number of years ago. really sick of it. one thing if its friendly but not a meany and certainly don't want burglary break ins in the house. it definitely felt like a male energy anyway."


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