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"I Feel Neglected... Lately, I have been feeling neglected by my parents. I try my best at everything, but whenever I s**** up, they yell at me. Whenever I have friends over, they complain, and whenever I go out, they complain. Every time I tell them about something, they ignore me. Also, my parents work the night shift, and so I'm home alone all night with my little brother and grandma. If someone were to break into the house, no one could protect us. I also feel like they never have time for me. Sometimes I wish that my family could be normal, but it's not. They work all night, and sleep all day. I only see my parents about four hours a day, and they get two days off a week. The only place I feel safe at is school, because I know there are people there to protect me, and my friends always listen to me. I just need to get this out."


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