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"My feelings seem clear but the situation is not I dated a guy (I'll call him Michael- I can't stand that one he is so rude) two years older than me, and almost a year ago it ended. And I never really got over him. There were multiple instances where I thought I had, but not really. About two months ago, I started dating another guy, oddly enough it's Ryan's younger brother (I'll call him Scott). Now I go to a very small school (nine kids in my grade) and the dating pool is very small... So i know it's pretty weird but you'll have to bear with me here. Scott is nice and very funny; a great person to date. But I still like his brother. Now, I'm certainly not one to say "I love you" very easily. I think that's a very dangerous thing to say. I certainly do not feel like saying it to Scott, although I do feel like we get along well... It just seems like we'd be better off as friends. But I love Michael, I really think I do. I just can't get over him at all. We started talking again recently, just because we always have interesting conversations, and I miss the other parts of the relationship we had. But it can't work, at least not for a long time, because he is leaving for college in a little over a month. There is no way I can break up with Scott just to go back to Michael. It just can't work that way. My biggest debate is deciding if I should tell Michael. I am scared to, but even if he does feel the same way, it would make the whole thing more sad. I would never cheat on Scott with anyone, but I'm starting to think I need to be patient. As patient as I've ever been, to see if I'll still have feelings for Michael in years to come. It sounds ridiculous, but I didn't think I'd still be hung up on him now, so I guess anything is possible."


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