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"Ever since a little boy I have dreamed of exploring the ins and outs of aunt, delving deep into her innards. She fuels my cock daily and has for a long time. I dream about tongue fucking what I suspect to be a gorgeous sphincter, a tight hole of infinite pleasure. A cute tan little hole opening and closing. Her perky tits that stand straight up, peeking through her shirt. She is skinny, sexy skinny. Her figure is the perfect figure for me. Just skinny enough to where she still has an admirable body. Everything about her existence gives me a rock hard cock, every part of her makes my dick drip wet with pre-cum. Her eyes, her legs, her feet and toes, her forearms with veins that protrude and fade as they reach the top. She's short, the type of short that would make the average cock look colossal in comparison with her body. Every time I look at her or talk to her I can't help but think of all the dick that has been inside her. I'm envious of them, entering the love of my life without my consent. My beloved aunt. I want to run off with her, I want to make her mine. I ponder all our potential sexcapades. Waking up to her radiant smile, kissing the same mouth all those cocks have slid between, tasting the sweat from her pores. Fucking her in her favorite heels, her favorite dress. Ever since I've been able to comprehend sex she's been right there, the forefront of my sexual fantasies. The first women I ever thought about fucking. Pushing her firm ass in my face. Ramming my cock in her pussy as she screams her nephews name. One finger in her ass, pulling it out and tasting her sweaty asshole on my finger. The one woman I will never get over, the one woman I will always want more than life itself. "

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