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"I cheated on my future husband when we were engaged with a hot older doctor I worked with at the hospital where I was a nurse. I was 26 at the time and he was in his 50s and recently divorced. He would flirt with me on a regular basis and give me shoulder rubs. One night while we were working the night shift together he started asking me about my sex life. I told him that I had only been with my fiance sexually. He whispered in my ear that we could change that and slid his hands down the front of my scrub pants to untie them. I was shocked at first but my pussy was really wet and I wanted him to fuck me right there at the nurse's station. He pulled my scrubs and underwear down, gave me a smack on the ass, and bent me over the counter. I did not protest and felt his large dick penetrate my pussy He felt so damn good and fucked me like a jackhammer, smacking my ass, and telling me how tight my young pussy was. After a couple of minutes and 2 orgasms, I told him that I wanted to ride his big cock where it was more private and also so we did not get fired from being caught fucking out at the nurse's station. We went into one of the dark patient rooms and shut the door. I told him to lay down on the patient bed so I could fuck him properly. I took off my clothes so he could get a could view of my big tits bouncing up and down while I rode him and slid his dick inside me. I bounced up and down on his hard on for at least half n hour. He had amazing stamina to last that long as I fucked him hard the whole time. My fiance would have cum in a minute. I was surprised by how vulgar I had become telling him how much I loved his big fat dick and how full his cock made my cunt feel. I never felt like this with my fiancé as this man released my inner slut with his big cock. He told me not to stop until he filled my pussy with his cum. I made it my only mission on Earth to make this man cum. I feverishly fucked my pussy up and down on his dick until he pumped me full of his hot spunk. Afterwards he told me he always knew I was a little freak and was hoping to get a few more tastes of my pussy. I told him I had a month to go before I got married so he better take advantage of it while he can and boy did he ever. We never fucked in the hospital again because it was too risky, but we probably had sex 30 times the month leading up to my wedding. Mostly at his place after work, but when my fiancé went away for his bachelor party he fucked me in our bed that entire weekend. I was on my back with my legs spread more than I was upright that weekend. Since I got married I quit at the hospital because I knew if we continued working together we would still be fucking. I still have the hot memories at least."

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