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"Average age of people having s** for the first time? What is the average age that people have s** for the first time. Some people at school have had s** by the time there 13 but I'm 17 and I want it so bad! I've had s** with a friend which I know is a bit odd but he has a girlfriend and I want someone of my own. How do I get a boyfriend? I'm quite shy but I want to be really dirty and I want to do all sorts of naughty things. Will people think that I f***** a freind on my first time is wired? Should I say that I've had s** before if they ask? I've only had s** twice and I'm so tight I even bled a bit from last time as my freind has a really bad d***. And if the boy is a virgin will he be naughty and will he want to do really naught things with me? "


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