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"i not tell people what i do anymore, my former friend emma a few years back now taught me to shut up about anything cuz I just knew she would put down what I was doing. yet she expected me to beef up her ego and dumb old me was like "oh that is so good your studying again" the fact that it too was a not a quality elite college like me i never said one word about. I just gave her compliments of "hope you enjoy it" or "hope it all works out for you" and all she could say was "and what will that do for you?" about my course. so now I just say nothing. see how friends hurt you. don't let them. when they do that they are not a real friend, get rid of them. for all her good qualities that day finished me of her. she became so rude and arrogant about her clients calling them smelly bums. is that normal for a grown adult woman in her mid 40s to be calling her income paying people smelly bums? no its unprofessional. its like when I worked for a doctor the way they put down their clients if only those people knew they would never go back. i am sick of people doing that to me, speaking rude about people who i have to work with etc. and they pay for the services and yet others who are useless they gush over like as if they are some ultergod and their assholes but its like "oh him/her, they are great aren't they" and I am like "no! they are stupid rude and want everything free while the poorer people you abuse actually do pay and can't afford it and your insulting them for seeing you"? like go figure?"


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