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"my sister has been a complete bitch here the last week since husband came from os. she won't speak to anyone in the family she doesn't want to know us saying we are not her family and her only family is her husband and his daughter and all she ever does is lie and abuse us day in and day out. she plays her son against us all time, like "I will get him to attack you all if you don't do this or that" and other stuff or "I won't let you see your grandson if you don't let me do this or that" for the last 20 years to parents and me. we are hurt by this abuse. her evil. then she said "filipinos have better houses then we do" yeh hon they ought to with all the cash flow you been sending them that you wouldn't help your own family out but expect her own family to go into debt to fund her and filipinos accounts while we are forced to live in squaller and her abuse. not fair mate. whole family so sick of the hurt and abuse and the devil voices she says the most evilest of things for the past 25 years that I couldn't even say to my enemy and if my brother thinks he has been insulted he should try her abuse we have copped for the last 25 years. he has no idea. she actually thinks she can suck up to him. but if he only knew the evil this she said about him and everyone. this "bugger everybody I will make all of you pay and suffer" for the past 25 years. all her lies. the lies. she wanted mum to lie again on a document to get money from the govt and mum said no, you always make out we are the assholes towards you. stop abusing us she said. your abusing me mum said. I am a 76 year old woman who raised her children stop abusing me. then I get my aunty on the phone crying to me about how her kids and grandkids abuse her. I need to be paid for this counseling and therapy. I might have done psychology and counseling with addiction and divorce etc but I am no expert, but why can't i be paid for this if joyce could be. they making everything too rigerous so people can't work with basic skills to earn money. I am sick of this abuse. it is abuse from everyone. i am sick of the disrespect."

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