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" I was a emotional little kid. No one liked me here because when I was little I was like, stupid. One weird day, In the beginning of a new grade, I noticed everything. I noticed how stupid I was, I noticed how weird I acted, I noticed how miserable this world can be. I soon noticed why no one liked me, and I changed myself. I acted "cool" and soon it became natural. Soon a lot of people kind of liked me better. The store near me that I usually buy panties at remodeled and only carries cotton panties now.I used to hang out with boys on the street. My Mom use to tell me, being out at night on the street was no place for a young girl. But I kept sneak out when she wasn't looking. One day she put a pad lock on my bedroom door and grunded me by lieving me naked on the living room. She told me if I wanted to sneak out, I would have to do it with no clothes on. . it's like since the day i told him how i felt he knew somehow he had me forever and acts so different .. me at zacregotty92"


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