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"just recently I sent a postal order via registered mail and it got lost so I complained and set up a case internal investigation and then still nothing and I couldn't afford to lose $235.00 in the cheque inside. I then contacted the ombudsmen and then a minister about it and it turned up about a week or two after that so I told them I was thankful for their help, what ever they did and the cheque had come back safe and I could get a refund but only if I had the postal order cheque and the docket and butt of proof of purchase. no one told me earlier I could cancel the money order and I thought it was strange because I thought it would be like at the bank you could put a freeze on it if someone presented it. so this dam cheque was lost of over a month and half with the registered mail envelope and when I went in to get refund she was like "you have to suffer the loss of postage and price of envolope seeing it was not our fault it was sent to the wrong address it was you fault, and I said "well it was your computer that gave the wrong address" I should have just rang the hospital to get the correct address anyway I said "look I am not worried about postage I just want the $240 back thankyou" which they gave back and then yesterday someone from a dept contacted me yesterday and said "No its not good enough that it took them all that time" and he gave me return fees for the postal envelope and postage cost. I never had this problem before but learnt a lesson. "


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