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"The week before my wedding, I was staying at my girlfriend Susan's house while she was on a business trip she called Friday night and said she had to stay in LA for a meeting on Monday. Susan is 25 a good person but not exciting in bed. It was Friday night, and it was hot, her mother Helen is only 45 and her sister Jen is 20 said let stayed by the pool. They were in tiny Bikini's and I was in a board shorts. Her sister and mother and I broke out the boozes and had a few drinks then a few more. At some point they started to each give me a lap dance. And before long we were having threesome. We started fucking by the pool and I came in both of them twice that night. The next morning after breakfast, Helen took my by the hand to her room and Jen already in bed naked. They started kissing then went 69, I watched it was so hot. Later they told me they stated being lovers when Jen was 12 and Susan did not know about them. In the end, the weekend was a giant fuck fest. I fucked them both many times each time cumming inside. It 3 months later and I didn't want Susan I wanted to be with her Helen and Jen. But they said I had to marry Susan so I could have a cover story to see them when she traveled. I has been work out great, Susan is always traveling and I'm getting the best pussy of my life. Then the bombshell hit Jen and Helen had not been feel well the last month, last week they went to the doctor and they are both pregnant. They were both on the pill, but it failed for both. They want to keep the kids, and be with me. So I have decided to divorce Susan. I never really loved her, but I do love Helen and Jen. "

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