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"I'm a 19 year old woman. 10 years ago, my mother was running wild, leaving me and dad home for weeks at a time. I later found out she was going to sex clubs fucking every cock she could find. Mom never was a saint, dad loved her, and even after he found out, what he was doing he stayed with her. But I know he stayed to protect me. 10 years ago mom was high on meth when she crashed her car. She had been gone for 3 weeks hold up with 5 guys. She had them fucked her constantly in return for meth and when we got the call. She was in the hospital for 4 months. When she came home she said she found God and was born again. What that turned out to be she had given up sex for life, to make up for her "sinfulness". She said she would not sleep in her bed as Dad would want sex, which she said was evil and the devil's work. She told Dad and me she would sleep in my bed as it was pure and that I would sleep in bed with dad. Dad was said mom would be alright soon, but never got better. She locked the door to my room and spent hours praying. And she withdrew from our lives. So at 10 I was sleeping in bed with dad. Nothing happened for years, then a 14, I found myself hugging him at night. At some point we started to spoon, and most morning I woke up in his strong arms. Soon, it we started to kiss goodnight on the lips and lay in bed at night talking and holding each other. I started to wear only thin low cut tshirt to bed and most nights dad's cock would get hard and poke out of his boxers. I would pull up my T-shirt a bit so it would rest against my pussy. Finally when I turned 16, it happened, dad was very hard and I was soaking wet. We were face to face our breathing the only sound. I kissed him, dad kissed back. The I pushed him on his back climbed on him and guided his cock in me. Dad took my cherry. It hurt but felt so good. After 20 minutes dad filled me with his cum. I was his woman now. So it started, we fell in love like a man and wife. Mom never knew or didn't care. Then one night last summer I was 18, Dad and I were fucking like animals. I was bent over the mattress and he was fucking me hard, I was screaming with pleasure and Dad started to cum. Just then Mom came, in she froze as if hit my lighting. Then she started to scream, "My sinful life as destroyed my family. I have let the devil in and caused incest. God save my poor soul!" She ran out and we heard her drive off very fast. Dad, said go take a shower quick, and wear something modest. The go sleep in your old bed. I didn't understand, but did what he said. When I came out I heard the washer going and dad had changed the sheets on our bed. He was also showered and in sleep pants and a old shirt. Dad I said, what is going on? He kissed me and said, go to bed I think something bad is going to happen. I fell asleep, several hours later the cops came to the door. Mom was found dead in a car crash, with a lot of meth. She had gone off the highway at 90 mph and was killed. Later the police found she had relasped with meth after years of being clean. Four months after we buried mom we quietly move to the Pacific Northwest and started a new life together. We got married in Vegas, no one questioned it. Dad is only 40 and looks young, so no one even questions the age difference. Last week we found out I'm pregnant. We both miss mom sometimes, but we know the love between dad and me, is real and true. I have the man of my dreams. "

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