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"Since January of this year I've been making drinks for my mother and getting her drunk. I'm 17 mom is 43. Four months ago she was completely smashed, and I got her to get naked. She could hardly move and I stripped too and was hard. I pushed her down on the couch and guided my cock in her. She started to cry and said no, no over and over, then she stopped and her hips started to move with mine. She came and I did also inside her. Then she passed out. The next Friday I did the same thing, but she undressed herself. She said no again but we fucked longer and we both came harder. Two months ago, we did our usual drinking, but she only wore a robe, and it was off by the second drink, I got naked also, by drink 4, I move to enter mom. She said no please no, but this time she took my cock and guided it into her. We fuck like Rabbits several times that night. The last time she was on top, yelling, no no you can't fuck your mother. After that mom didn't need Friday booze night to fuck. She has me sleep with her ever night. Mom is a real whore. Willing to go ass to mouth to swallow my cum. I don't care if she gets pregnant. I cum in her at least twice a day. She even likes to be slapped hard during sex. What dirty slut. I love incest. "

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