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"I love fucking women, but for some reason, I've been letting a married friend, use my ass a his personal cum dump. He the only guy I have every been with. I don't suck his cock, but I have been letting him fuck my ass for over ten years. We work together and car pool everyday and I give him my ass before work and after. I always cum without touching myself during our sessions. After he cums he slip my butt plug in my ass. I love the feel of his cum in me, and knowing he will fill me again that evening. His wife refuses to do anal, but I love it. When we go fishing, on my boat, we go off shore achor, and he fucks me for hours. I shave my legs for him and wear panties, silk stocking and heels to turn him on. I don't want any other man. Am I gay? For liking him to cum in me?"

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