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"I went on a business trip and share a room with an executive I work with. I'm in good shape, but he has the body of a Greek god. All week he walked around the room in a towel or naked. He had the biggest cock I had ever seen 11 inches long. After a few days, I found myself watching him as we talked at night as he layed on his bed naked. He liked my looking as he would get hard, and jerk himself in front of me. I wished I could touch his cock. That Friday we finished up the work and went out to a bar. I drank to much. The bar was packed and very dark and we had to stand very close, I wanted to kiss him. I felt him unzip my pants and his had on my cock. I got hard, and suddenly I came. I was so embarrassed, but he took his hand out my cum was on it. He held it to my lips and whisper in my ear, Luck it clean. I was his, I do what ever he wanted, l licked my own cum.. Soon we back in our room, he undressed me, kissing my body, then he was naked. His body was magnificent, and his cock fully hard. We sat in a chair, his beautiful cock waiting for me. Come here he said. I said please no. I was crying I'm married don't make me gay. Again he said, come here. I did and knelled before him, I took me by the head and guided his cock in my mouth. I started to gag, from its size but he held me in place slowly he guided more in and soon I was deep throatung him. He last for 20 minutes, my jaw ached, I was sweating like crazy, and my head was spinning. Find he said here it come baby, he pull back his cock but head remained in my mouth. He came I had no choice but to swallow, I didn't think a man could make that much cum. I collapsed holding his leg. I started kiss his leg wanting his cock again. I realized I was hard, I felt him lift me up. And carried me to the bed, then his beautiful mouth was around my cock. I only lasted a few minutes and came. He held me and I fell asleep in his arms. We stayed the whole weekend. On Saturday morning he made me his, taking my anal virginity which I freely gave. I am his completely, I have left my wife, to be his sex toy. His cock is my life, I want it in my mouth constantly, I want to feel the delicious pain of him of his massive cock, destroying my ass. I no longer have to work, as he told me to quit my job. Now my work is being his ready for his cock. He has trained me to cum with touching myself during anal, his cock against my prostate Is so forceful I cum several time during our hour long anal sex sessions. Even when he makes me have anal or oral sex with other men, I cum knowing it gives him pleasure seeing me degaded and abused. I love and live only for my beautiful master. The man who saw the slave I was supposed to be "

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