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"My fat cow of a mother, doesn't even realize that when dad moved out and divorced her it was her daughter that convinced him. When he left I moved with him. She was very angry I left her too. But she is nothing but a pig that shovel food down her throat. She also refused to have sex with dad, even though he begged her. He didn't care she was fat as he loved her. But when he found out she was fucking his friend for 5 years he just gave up. I worked on him for two months to leave which he did. We move 100 miles away and both got new jobs and a new life. A week after we got our new place I seduced him, and we became lover at last. It 3 years now and I have the sexiest man in the world. Think George Cloony but with a crazy hot body and a huge cock. I'm not the prettiest girl around, but I fuck and suck Dad until he can barely walk. He get so much sex he doesn't have time or want another pussy or mouth to drop his cum. I love him so much, no one will ever take him from me."

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